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Class 11 English What is Poverty Chapter Complete Exercise Solution is an important essay in terms of the exam point of view. Check out the Whole Chapter and download the pdf notes. To Download Pdf Notes Click on the Download Pdf Button at the Bottom of the Post.

Answer the following questions.

a. What is poverty according to Parker?

According to Parker, poverty is a state of being where one lacks the basic necessities of life and is unable to meet one’s basic needs.

b. How is poverty difficult for Parker’s children? List some specific examples.

Poverty is difficult for Parker’s children in various ways. For example, they are unable to attend school regularly, as they cannot afford transportation costs. They also go hungry frequently, and their health suffers due to lack of access to healthcare. They cannot afford warm clothing in the winter and cannot participate in extracurricular activities that their peers can.

c. How does Parker try to obtain help, and what problems does she encounter?

Parker tries to obtain help by reaching out to government agencies, charities, and churches, but she faces several problems. She finds it challenging to navigate the complex bureaucratic systems of government agencies, and charities often have limited resources. Churches provide temporary relief, but it is not a sustainable solution.

d. Why are people’s opinions and prejudices her greatest obstacles?

People’s opinions and prejudices are Parker’s greatest obstacles because they create barriers to opportunities and resources that would help her and her family escape poverty. Society often stigmatizes and blames the poor for their circumstances, making it challenging for them to receive support.

e. How does Parker defend her inability to get help? How does she discount the usual solutions society has for poverty (e.g., welfare, education, and health

Parker defends her inability to get help by stating that the system is designed to keep the poor in poverty, and the usual solutions, such as welfare, education, and health clinics, are inadequate. She discounts these solutions because they do not address the underlying systemic issues that perpetuate poverty.

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Reference to the context

a. Explain the following:
Poverty is looking into a black future.

“Poverty is looking into a black future” means that poverty is a hopeless state where one sees no prospects of a better future.

b. What does Parker mean by “The poor are always silent”?

Parker means that the poor do not have a voice to advocate for themselves, and their experiences are often ignored by society.

c. What writing strategy does the author use at the beginning of most of the paragraphs? Do you notice a recurring pattern? What is it?

The author uses the strategy of starting most paragraphs with a clear and concise topic sentence that sets the tone for the rest of the paragraph. The recurring pattern is that each paragraph provides a different perspective on the challenges of poverty.

d. How does Parker develop each paragraph? What details make each paragraph memorable?

Parker develops each paragraph by providing specific examples and anecdotes that illustrate the challenges of poverty. She uses vivid descriptions to create a powerful emotional impact on the reader.

e. In the final paragraph, how does the author use questions to involve the reader in the issue of poverty?

In the final paragraph, the author uses questions to involve the reader in the issue of poverty by challenging them to think about their own role in perpetuating or solving the problem.

Reference beyond the text

a. Define a social problem (homelessness, unemployment, racism) imitating Parker’s style.

Racism is like looking into a dark and endless abyss, where one is trapped in a cycle of discrimination and prejudice that prevents them from achieving their full potential.

b. Using adjectives to highlight the futility of the situation, write a short definition essay on Growing up in Poverty.

Growing up in poverty is a soul-crushing experience, where one is trapped in a cycle of hopelessness and despair. It is a futile existence, where every day is a struggle to survive, and the future is bleak and uncertain. It is a life where basic needs are often unmet, and opportunities are scarce, leaving one feeling powerless and trapped.

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