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Class 11 English Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s Survival Essay summary is an important essay in terms of the exam point of view. Check out the Whole Chapter Summary and download the pdf note. To Download Pdf Notes Click on the Download Pdf Button at the Bottom of the Post.

Chapter Summary

The essay “Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s Survivor” is a reflection on the rewards and importance of being a scientist despite the fact that other professions such as businessmen, lawyers, and doctors enjoy a much higher income. The author argues that the major reward in science comes from the discovery itself, freedom, camaraderie, independence, and the overwhelming feeling of uncovering nature’s mysteries. The author also shares a personal experience in which their theoretical knowledge had a direct application in the area of survival of humankind during the Cold War.

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The author argues that scientists are the most practical people in the world as all new technologies and industries stem from fundamental research. The author mentions past examples such as antibiotics, electronics, biotechnology, synthetic fibers, the green revolution, and genetic forensic diagnosis, and highlights that only basic research could give us new sources of energy, new mineral deposits, efficient defense from terrorism, cure from cancer, and new forms of transportation.

The author also highlights the importance of basic science in facing natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, self-inflicted destruction of megacities, environmental catastrophes, economic and social crises, and massive release of radioactivity from nuclear waste disposal.

Overall, the author argues that being a scientist is an exciting adventure that offers major rewards and that basic research is fundamental for technological and societal advancements and survival.

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