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BSc 1st Year Zoology – Full Course & Notes

About The Course
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The BSc 1st Year Zoology course is designed for BSc 1st Year Biological Group Students. The BSc 1st year Zoology Course Includes Complete Classes, Complete Notes along with the Recorded as well as Live sessions.

The Zoology of BSc 1st Year seems Tough as it has a huge syllabus. Don’t worry this course is designed such that all Important Questions along with TU solutions of Past Year Questions are Available on the course.

You can Preview Some of the Lectures from the Curriculum Section or If you don’t know how To View Demo Classes go through the Following Links:

To Watch Demo Videos from Mobile: Click Here

To Watch Demo Video from Laptop/Computer: Click Here

BSc 1st Year Zoology Course Includes:

  • Complete Live Sessions Recordings(2080 Batch)
  • Complete Chapter Notes
  • Each Chapter Recorded Session
  • Practical Exam Tips
  • TU Solutions
  • Model Questions
  • Assignments Included

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What Will You Learn?

You Will Learn About BSc 1st Year Zoology

The Course Curriculam

Rapid Revision Classes

  • Day 1 – Protozoa
  • Day 2 (Porifera)
  • Day 3 (Collendereta)
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7


Taxonomy – Lower Non Chordata [Live Session 2080]

Protozoa [Live Session 2080]

Porifera & Coelenterata

Platyheiminthes [Live Session 2080]

Aschelminthes [Live Session 2080]

Annelids [Live Session 2080]

Taxonomy – Higher Non- Chordata & Protochordata [Live Session 2080]

Arthropods [Live Session 2080]

Mollusca [Live Session 2080]

Echinodermata [Live Session 2080]

Protochordata [Live Session 2080]


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