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Class 11 English What I Require from Life Essay summary is an important essay in terms of the exam point of view. Check out the Whole Chapter Summary and download the pdf note. To Download Pdf Notes Click on the Download Pdf Button at the Bottom of the Post.

What I Require from Life Essay Summary

The essay discusses the concept of a “calling” and how it relates to career choices. The author argues that many people feel a sense of calling or purpose in their lives, but that this calling may not necessarily be tied to a specific career path. The author suggests that people should focus on finding meaning and purpose in their lives, rather than just seeking financial success or status through their careers.

The essay also explores the idea that people’s sense of calling may change over time, and that it is important to be open to new experiences and opportunities. The author suggests that people should be willing to take risks and try new things in order to discover their true calling.

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The essay offers some practical advice for people who are trying to find their calling, such as taking time to reflect on their values and interests, exploring different career paths, and seeking out mentors or other sources of guidance. The author emphasizes the importance of being patient and persistent in the search for one’s calling and suggests that it may take time to find the right path.

Overall, the essay encourages readers to think deeply about their own sense of purpose and to be open to new experiences and opportunities in their quest to find meaning and fulfillment in their lives.


The author acknowledges that the world is not perfect and cannot be expected to be, but identifies essential requirements for a fulfilling life including work, freedom, health, friendship, and adventure. The author also advocates for socialist principles to ensure that all individuals have access to these requirements and to end economic and social inequalities. The author recognizes that peace and security are lacking but believes it is futile to demand them.

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