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Class 11 English Section II Literature have a chapter on it’s Stories section namely “The Selfish Giant”, let’s summarize the Chapter. To Download Pdf Note Click on Download Pdf Button on the Bottom of Post

Class 11 English – The Selfish Giant Summary

The Selfish Giant is a beautiful story written by Oscar Wilde with a message of coexistence and love. The story is about a giant who had a beautiful garden but did not allow children to play in it. He built a wall around it and put up a sign that warned trespassers would be prosecuted. The children were sad because they had nowhere else to play.

The giant’s garden was always in winter because of his selfishness, and even the birds did not sing. One day, the giant saw a boy who could not climb the tree to play with the other children. The giant realized how selfish he was being and decided to tear down the wall and allow the children to play in his garden again.

The children returned, and the garden was full of life and happiness once again. The giant played with the children every afternoon and even lowered the branches of the tree so the boy could play with them.

class 11 English - the selfish giant

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Years later, the giant became very weak and saw a beautiful tree with white flowers in the corner of the garden. The boy was standing underneath it, and the giant saw that he was injured. The boy told the giant that these were the wounds of love and asked him to come to his garden. Later, the children found the giant dead under the tree covered in white flowers.

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Class 11 English Chapter The Selfish Giant teaches us the importance of love and kindness towards others. It shows us that selfishness can lead to loneliness and sorrow, while kindness can bring joy and happiness. The story reminds us that we should always be kind to others and share what we have, especially with those in need.

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