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Class 11 English Civil Peace Chapter is an important story in terms of exam point of view. Check out the Whole Chapter Summary and do Best on Exam. To Download Pdf Note Click on Download Pdf Button on the Bottom of Post

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Class 11 English Civil Peace Chapter Summary

“Civil Peace” is a short story written by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe that portrays the effects of the Nigerian Civil War on the people and the Civil Peace that followed. The story takes place in Eastern Nigeria and follows the life of Jonathan Lwegbu, a man who considers himself lucky to have survived the war with his wife and three of his four children.

Jonathan’s luck continues as he manages to retrieve his old bicycle, which he buried during the war, and uses it as a taxi to earn money. He then returns to his home in Enugu, which is still standing despite nearby structures being reduced to rubble from the war. Jonathan repairs his home with available materials and moves his family back in.

Jonathan and his family work hard to earn money and restore their lives. They face hardships but eventually receive a bonus from the government. However, their luck takes a turn when thieves break into their home demanding money. Jonathan informs them he only has 20 pounds, which they take and leave.

The next morning, Jonathan tells his sympathizers that the loss of 20 pounds is nothing compared to what they went through during the war. He is grateful to still have his family, a home, and a job.

The story’s theme highlights the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Despite the hardships they faced during the war and the theft of their money, Jonathan and his family continue to persevere and remain optimistic. The story also illustrates the theme of the importance of family, as Jonathan’s family works together to rebuild their lives and support each other.

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