Alkane – BSc 1st Year Chemistry Notes pdf Download

Alkane - BSc 1st Year Chemistry Notes pdf Download

BSc 1st Year Chemistry Notes pdf Download. Below are the Notes of BSc 1st Year Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chapter 2 Alkane. On average 4 – 10 Marks for Short Questions and sometimes Long Questions can be asked from this Chapter.

Alkane Topics

Below are Some Important Topics that can be Asked in an Exam as Short Questions and sometimes as Long Questions:

  • Energy of activation
  • progress of reaction
  • energy profile diagram
  • exothermic and endothermic reaction
  • Fischer projection formulas, Andiron formulas
  • Newman projection formula
  • free rotation about the C-C single bond
  • conformation of n-butane
  • physical properties
  • industrial source
  • industrial source vs. laboratory preparation
  • Grignard reagent
  • coupling of alkyl halide with organometallic compounds
  • reactions: halogenations (substitution reaction)
  • mechanism of halogenations, orientation of halogenations
  • relative reactivity of alkanes toward halogenations
  • ease of abstraction of hydrogen
  • homolytic bond dissociation energies and relative stability of free radicals
  • ease of formation of free radicals
  • structure of free radicals
  • transition state for 4th year B.Sc. syallabus-2073 revised Page 24 halogenations
  • orientation, reactivity and selectivity
  • non-rearrangement of free radicals, combustion,
  • pyrolysis

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Alkane Full Handwritten Notes

Alkane - BSc 1st Year Chemistry Notes pdf Download
Alkane - BSc 1st Year Chemistry Notes pdf Download
Alkane - BSc 1st Year Chemistry Notes pdf Download

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BSc 1st Year Chemistry Notes pdf Download

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